By Ron Devers, CIC, CPIA, CAWC, manager, PSI Insurance Agency

Life is full of wondrous moments. We’ve all experienced them: from a baby’s first steps, a graduation, wedding or retirement. Life is also unpredictable, and life insurance ensures the life you’ve worked so hard to build for your loved ones won’t come crashing down if something happens to you or another family member.

It’s never too early or too late to consider the benefits of what life insurance can do for you and your family.

Life Insurance:
1. Buys Time: loved ones can focus on grief instead of worrying how to pay for final expenses or other bills
2. Creates a Fresh Start: by paying off debt, from credit cards to mortgages, life insurance can provide your family with a clean slate
3. Provides Income: provide your family with the means to maintain the standard of living you made them accustom to
4. Offers Flexibility: provides the means for family to take time off and face the transitions that are coming at them
5. Creates Opportunity: funds can assist with education needs, training for a new career or start a new business
6. Provides Future Funds: assures that the family’s long-term goals can still be achieved
7. Leaves a Legacy: parents or grandparents can provide future generations a long-term financial future

One additional thing that life insurance does is ensures yours and your loved ones insurability. With the many unknowns that life sends us, tomorrow is uncertain. By purchasing life insurance sooner rather than later, we are more certain as to the possibilities of qualifying for coverage. That is why it is often a great idea to purchase a policy on younger children.

As uncomfortable as it is to discuss a young child’s early demise, imagine if when they get older they cannot qualify for life insurance due to some unforeseen childhood illness like leukemia or diabetes. Most child policies will double by the time the insured child turns 25 with no evidence of insurability and no additional premium. Life insurance can be life changing. Contact PSI Insurance Agency at (800) 678-2774 to discuss how it can help you.