By Ron Devers

CIC, CPIA, director of operations, PSI Insurance Agency

Happy new year! Time flies by as it seems we were just beginning 2023, but here we are in another year.  PSI Insurance Agency wants to wish you and yours all the happiness for 2024.  We look forward to working with many of you and seeing you at the MPA Annual Convention and Exhibition this year in our final time at the Marriott in Detroit.  Stop by our booth and say hello!

With winter storms coming, we wanted to share some ideas for protecting your roof from ice and snow damage.

Know Your Roof

  • To reduce the risk of roof collapse, know your roof’s design capacity.
  • The roof’s design may be compromised by building use and condition.
  • Be alert to lower buildings or roof top equipment that can trap drifting snow.
  • Snow loading is more likely to occur on flat or low slope roofs.
  • If your building has a wood or metal truss roof, you should be more aware of snow loads.

Monitor the Situation

  • Don’t wait until media reports of collapses occur before monitoring your own building.
  • If the roof already has a significant amount of snow or ice,and a new storm is expected in a few days, safely reduce the snow load before the next storm.
  • If any signs of deflection due to weight of snow are noted, evacuate the building and seek professional help to determine structural stability
  • Snow removal is best done from the ground, with a snow rake or an aerial lift.
  • If done improperly snow removal can severely damage a roof surface or pop out fasteners.
  • Push brooms and roof rakes should be used for snow removal instead of snow blowers or shovels.

Here’s to a safe, happy, and healthy 2024!  For our PSI Insurance Agency family to yours.