CIC, CPIA, director of operations, PSI Insurance Agency

Protecting the income you have worked so hard to earn is a smart move. It took years of training, education and commitment to get where you are. Now you have a lifestyle and a financial future to protect if you become too sick or hurt to work.

Here are five reasons to consider protecting your income:

  1. You rely on your income: It makes paying for your house, car and other important assets possible. You insure those assets, why not your income?
  2. It provides a constant income stream: Individual disability insurance pays you monthly benefits if you can no longer work in your occupation when a disabling illness or injury occurs.
  3. You can customize coverage: You can be confident that your coverage can meet the unique needs of pharmacists like you.
  4. Your policy is yours: Even if you change jobs or employers in the future, your policy goes with you, wherever you go.
  5. It is more affordable than you think: Coverage usually costs 1-3% of your income.

Many professionals have been grateful they had income protection when facing difficult and unexpected illnesses and injuries. Most people do not want it until they need it – and when they need it, they may not be able to get it. Give PSI Insurance Agency a call to discuss this or other insurance concerns.